New web technologies in 2015

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While the 2014 is over, 2015 looks likely to be a big year for technology breakthroughs especially in the business world. It is not confirmed that any of this gadgets will change the world but there is no arguing that some of it are the most highly predictable new business technologies for the year which just started.

Pico Keychain Projector

Thanks to the world’s smallest projector travel presentations will be changed in 2015. This keychain projector is getting rid of the need for paying to have projection equipment or to drag around any heavy equipment. This projector will work with tablets, Smartphones and Pc through USB connection.

IBM’s 12-Atom Memory Storage

IBM just announced the plan to completely change the memory storage game. The company introduces a new system which can store the same amount of data using just twelve atoms. Storage will be hundred times denser than it is today on the hard disk drives. IBM will bring a consumer product to the market by the end of the year.

Apple iWatch

2015 is the year of the iWatch. This watch will be perfect for business appleiwatch130210professionals operating on the go. It is going to be lightweight and flexible smart watch from the industry of iPhone. This Smartwatch will have access to all of the iPhone features which includes Siri. So, many businesses can find it more ease to use when it comes to Smartphone capabilities.

Google Glass

There is no discussion about new technology if we don’t mention Google glass. This product is still in the testing phase but very soon this gadget will be available and it will be an explosion on the market.3031340-slide-i-2-google-glass-designed-by-diane-von-fursternberg-still-look-like-google

This means access to a smart device which puts the web and Smartphone features right in your vision while you can see the world around you. There is no limit to the capabilities of Google glass, no matter if you can see a client file by looking at a person, or you just want to access any instructions right from the glasses.

EMM – Enterprise Mobile Management

This EMM is a term which is used to describe the future convergence of different mobile management, support and security technologies. This also includes mobile device applications such as file synchronization and sharing.

Google Smartwatch

If you are not fan of the apple or you don’t like the idea of an iPhone watch you can always choose Google Smartwatch. A lot of people are waiting for this device to show up, and it should be very popular among the masses. The biggest must-have feature of this Smartwatch will be a deep integration with Google Now. This is a great essential feature for small business owners as their own personal assistant.


With this new system web development tools will mature together with the popularity of mobile Web and hybrid applications. Across multiple platforms, business will be able to easily and quickly deliver applications.

Hope you will find something for yourself between all this new inventions. Sounds like 2015 will be a good year of introducing new web technologies.

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