Home appliance credit: for whom and why?

Home appliance credit: for whom and why?

It’s no secret that home appliances are expensive. When it comes to investing several hundred euros for a fridge, a washing machine or a new oven, the savings of consumers are not always enough. Some devices even have fun to let go at the worst times of the year, in full holiday booking or payment of the famous tax bill.
Appliance credit is therefore a credit specifically dedicated to purchases of home appliances products and allows borrowing up to € 10,000 over 24 months, which is largely enough to change a capricious vacuum cleaner.

If it works of course from a fixed rate imposed by the chosen organization, it allows consumers to spread the payment of their appliances over several months according to their repayment possibilities and thus less impact the daily expenses of their home. home.

To get started: via which organizations to subscribe to an electric household credit?

Many organizations allow consumers to purchase household credit


They are all distinguished by a rate of their own and it is the percentage of this rate that directs the consumer in his choice.

Some are credit agencies and others are directly offered by home appliance stores at the time of purchase, stores that work themselves with credit agencies. If you too, want to compare different rates and choose the lowest, take a look at the comparator.

The choice of the organism will therefore depend first and foremost on the most interesting rate but also on the consumer’s approach. If he wants to limit as much as possible the interlocutors, he will move towards a credit proposed by the store, even if the rate is higher. Some so-called renewable credits make it possible to dispose of the sum by using it in its totality or partially according to the needs in home appliances of each one.

Make the right choice to make your home appliance project a reality

money loan

Because it is often difficult to make a decision when it comes to borrowing money, the simulation remains the solution n ° 1.

After comparing the best interest rates set by the agencies (TAEG), it is time to move to simulation, offered online by many credit institutions. It allows you to enter the amount corresponding to your need for household credit and gives you an overview of the repayments according to the chosen duration.

Word of mouth and reputation of credit institutions are also to be taken into account. For this, the discussion forums provide a fairly comprehensive overview of consumer opinions.